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* Hasenpaar

Hand-printed greeting card with a detachable wooden pendant...


The FSC-certified birch plywood is lovingly screen-printed by social institutions in Bavaria, then laser-cut and hand-tied on a neon cord.


The manual work makes it possible to create unique pieces in different combinations of colors and patterns.


Cover color in neon, metallic or natural

* Hasenpaar

SKU: 3314YE
  • Details

    Screen printed folding card C6 with a hand-printed tag made of birch plywood to detach

  • Printing

    Loving hand screen printing in neon colors

  • Pendant

    1.5mm FSC certified birch plywood

  • Production

    Regional in social institutions in Bavaria

  • Paper

    Sand-colored fine open-pore paper (300 g/m2)

  • Color

    Water-based from our own production

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