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Armband * Breze

Cute bracelet in bright neon colors with a hand-printed pendant! Up to ten printing processes per page turn the tag into something very unique. Each bracelet is a real, lovingly handmade one-off. A gold-plated slide closure and gold-plated end caps underline the exclusivity of the product. The neon cord is stretched over a matching wooden motif, so that the ribbon is also ideal as a very special gift. Water-based paints and FSC-certified wood meet our sustainability standards. The bracelets are carefully made in social institutions in Bavaria.

Armband * Breze

SKU: 1452
  • Pendant

    Birch plywood (FSC-certified) hand-printed with water-based screen printing ink and food-safe seal. Splash proof

    Each pendant is unique, i. H. there are color and pattern deviations

    Height approx. 15 mm

  • Clasp

    Sliding clasp 17 x 5 mm gold plated

  • End cap

    gold plated 2.2 x 2 mm

  • Presentation

    Birch plywood FSC certified approx. 9 cm

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